How Did Emily Dickinson Influence Her Poetry

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“Saying nothing sometimes says the most.” This is one of my favorite quotes written by Emily Dickinson. It’s my favorite because a meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words. Emily Dickinson is a very influential poet, and she will be remembered in history for a long time. She was not like most poets during her time. She explored and wrote about her feelings. Most of her poems are about pain and tragedy. Emily Dickinson was a very influential poet, because she was one of the first female poets, she aided in women’s movements, and she impacted on American literature. Emily was born and raised in Amherst, Massachusetts on December 10, 1830. She mostly stayed at home and rarely went out to explore the world. Not many people came to visit her during those years. Her worldview might have been very narrow because of this. Emily had two siblings, the eldest is William Austin, and the youngest is Lavinia Nocross. Emily was always a well behaved child. When Emily was ten years old, she and her sister…show more content…
She wrote poems while she was isolated in her room that described what nature, love, and death would be. She has influenced many other writers of poetry, since hers have such a deep meaning behind them. Several of her poems can be explained from a personal point of view, which is incredible in poetry. A poet’s goal is to get the reader to think and feel emotions towards the poem they have written, and apparently, Emily has done a great job at doing that. Countless of people have been awestruck with her work to this day. She would also write letters to her loved ones or to people whom she was seeking advice from. Some of those letters are almost just as famous as her poems, because they gave us an insight on a woman who we knew nothing about. She dedicated her life to writing, however, her loved ones found out only after her death. Through her personal letters and poems, Emily’s legacy still lives to this
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