Emily Dickinson's I Felt A Funeral In My Brain

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The Transformation that Changes our Lives The poet Emily Dickinson in her poem, I Felt a Funeral in my Brain that is the first line of the poem, not a special title that Dickinson chose. It tells about the story of the experience of the speaker in the poem who is transforming from place to another. Many readers would take this poem as an explanation of what happens after death, what the dead body feels in the funeral. In my opinion, this poem talks about the enlighten road that humans would feel when they explore a new idea of living, it’s not necessary to be about the other life after death. It depends about how people see their lives. In this essay, I will explain the imageries that this poem states and what are the hidden messages that the writer is trying to make the reader feel and explore. This spiritual poem is a metaphor of the events in the funeral that shows another face of death which it is another image of transformation, that led to positive …show more content…

Senses her is suppose to be like more as the truth or reality that is breaking through, the senses of the good spiritual thing which is born in at the same events of the deep sorrow surrounding the funeral which is an imagery of the speaker’s life. Moreover, the poem shows the upcoming events of the transformation of the speaker, and how he is feeling after this change. From the second stanza, “My mind was going numb-” here the writer refer to the mind as a symbol of noisy thing that keeps remembering you by the rules, social life style that you should follow, which take you back from getting out from the box that this social life put you in. this mind now is getting it’s freedom from anything would stop it from thinking differently than others like, society, formed laws, or cultural atmosphere at the place you live

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