Emily Dickinson: One Of The Most Revolutionary American Poet

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Although she spent the majority of her life secluded in her room, Emily Dickinson is considered one of the most revolutionary American poets. Her legacy is one that has transformed poetry and allowed for “modern thought and technique” (Faulkner). Dickinson’s overly imaginative mind forced her to indulge in writing. Language allowed her to transfer these thoughts and emotions from her imagination to poetry. Although she was born into a prominent family, Dickinson lived a simple life, forming close relationships with friends through letters. Although she wrote 1,775 poems, the majority of her poems were found after her death and, against specific instructions, were then published. Her interesting reclusive life, creative style, daring punctuation, and…show more content…
Emily Elizabeth Dickinson was born on December 10, 1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts. Dickinson was the middle child of her family of five. Her family consisted of her older brother, Austin, her younger sister, Lavinia, and her parents, Emily and Edward Dickinson. Dickinson was born into a prominent family, as her ancestor, Nathan Dickinson, helped in founding the town of Amherst in 1745. Additionally, Emily’s grandfather, Samuel Fowler Dickinson was a founder of Amherst Academy and Amherst College (Gray 27). Emily’s father, Edward, continued this line of prominence as a lawyer and treasurer of Amherst College, and then as a member of Congress in 1852 (27). The “patriarchal power” of Emily’s father, forced her mother to take care of the household (Juhasz 78). Emily, however, never developed a strong relationship with either of her parents. Her feelings toward her

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