Emily Dickinson Poetry Analysis

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Poetry is the art of putting feelings on paper with specific diction, rhythm, and style that Authors choses to make readers comprehend what the speaker is trying to express. There are many famous American authors but one of my favorites is Emily Elizabeth Dickinson. She was born in Amherst, Massachusetts on December 10, 1830 and died in the same place but on May 15 of 1886. My favorite poem that she wrote is, “This is my letter to the world” because with my perspective of the poem I felt somehow identified with the feelings on it.. The voice of this poem is extremely personal because the speaker seems to be Emily herself making the poem more interesting to read and analyze. Moreover, the word choice and order are also very affective when reading the poem because it makes the poem clearer of how the author feels about what is. Additionally, this poem has a very unique structure which is also an important thing that facilitates the appreciation of the author. Furthermore, the theme is very unique and powerful and that is essential because it is what makes people enjoy this poem so much. All in all, analyzing this poem was very interesting and it definitely became one of my favorite poems I’ve ever read in my life. Emily Elizabeth Dickinson is an American poet that has written much great work that has inspired many poets and also many people by her talent. However, when she was alive she never got any recognition for any of her works that she published. Her talent was

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