How Did Emily Dickinson's Life Influence Her Poetry

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Currently known as one of the best poets of all time, Emily Dickinson grew up in Amherst, Massachusetts also the place where she was born and went to school. Born In 1830 and passed away in 1886, her poem ‘I felt a Funeral, in my Brain’ is published in 1896 which raises the question, how come her poetry is published after her death? Dickinson had an older sibling who found all her literature and published it, although her father decided to take her out of school she was recognized as a prodigious student in Amherst college. Her teenage years is when she had a spark in interest to start writing. Noticeably, Dickinson’s literature became immensely popular in North America and the European countries. Moreover, her poetry is…show more content…
There was a lot of pressure from the community surrounding her to join those who are ‘saved’ which were those that had faith in Jesus Christ, jauntily she ignored everyone around her and as a woman, persevered in what she believed. She was the type of individual that spent time in her room and had very minimal acquaintances that influenced her writing such as Benjamin Franklin Newton, a family friend. The reasoning behind why her literature is still read till today is because people relate to her hidden messages and extravagant ways of bringing forward social issues through emotional literature. In addition, the language used is in a way where it emotionally affected those in the modern era too, and post-modern era, within five to six stanzas and compressed verses she influenced the 21st century society to continue enlighten young individuals in our society that being unique and having different views is okay. Most of Dickson’s work was republished in vocabulary that common society could understand, as her poetry was written in the romantic era, it contained emotions that were unique and filled with content that made sense in her unique form and her way of inputting syntax in all her writing.

In “I felt a Funeral, in my Brain” there are many definitions behind the words that are spoken. The poem itself is a metaphor, it is not physically possible to feel a funeral inside the brain, the poem portrays
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