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Dickinson’s full name is Emily Elizabeth Dickinson. She was born on December 10,1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts.
Emily Dickinson is known for her unusual use of form and syntax. Emily left school as a teenager. She was secretly creating bundles of poetry and wrote hundreds of letters also. Emily Dickinson’s sister Lavinia discovered Dickinson’s work and was published after Emily’s death.
Her grandfather, Samuel Dickinson is well known as the founder of Amherst college. Emily’s father worked at Amherst and served as a state legislator. She has 2 siblings, William Austin and Lavinia Norcross. Dickinson was educated at Amherst Academy for 7 years. Now the Academy is known as Amherst College. She then attended Mount Holyoke Female Seminary for a year. Why she left the school in 1848 was unknown, Some say her emotions got
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In 1855, Dickinson ventured outside of Amherst as far as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She befriended a minister named Charles Wadworth. Charles Wadworth became a correspondent. Her adviser was a women and also a close friend name Susan Gilbert. Gilbert married Emily’s brother William. Emily nor her sister ever married and lived together at the homestead until their respective deaths. Scholars thought that she suffered from conditions such as agoraphobia, depression and anxiety. Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder. Dickinson was also treated for a painful alignment of her eyes. In the late 1850’s to mid 1860’s, Dickinson became more productive as a poet, creating small bundles of verse known as fascicles without any awareness on the part of her family members. On her spare time she studied botany and produced a vast herbarium. Dickinson died of kidney disease in Amherst, Massachusetts, at the age of 55. She was laid in rest in her family plot at West cemetery. The homestead, where Dickinson was born in, is now a

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