Emily Dickinson's Before I Got My Eyes Put Out

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The human eye is a very intricate organ. It allows us to see, and view the world around us. Without it our lives would be very different. Without it our view of life would be changed in its entirety. Emily Dickinson has a passion and interest in sight. This passion is illustrated in her poetry. These two poems illustrate her perspective on her own sight.
In Dickinson 's poem “Before I got my eyes put out” it tell a story about how a person or entity who is no longer able to see. The personality in the story is very reflective on the author Emily Dickinson. But me personally I don 't think this is the exact thoughts of the author. I see it a Dickinson putting her perspective into a character whose main ambition is to see. Also in the poem
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Not only the sky but mountains and star. She would regain the earth and stars around it, it will all be her’s again. This quote is very imaginary because she won 't gain the ability to own a planet but this is where the literary ideas also come into perspective. Even if she were to regain eyesight in which I believe that she is pretty certain not a possibility. She would have limits. Like every “creature” in this world she not be able to do anything with this power. She would have a “finite” vision but the thing is that she would appreciate life so much more if she had sight. The sad truth is that i think that Dickinson’s character accepted limits and accepts that she will no longer see the world. But what 's the harm of being ambitious. The poem “we grow accustomed to the dark” to me is like a metaphor. It emphasizes that “life” will almost always evolve or adjust it 's way to overcome most obstacles. A being within a complete darkness is no different. “Either the Darkness alters – Or something in the sight Adjusts itself to Midnight”. Life will be able to navigate through infinite darkness. It will be able to live and thrive even without light, because that 's how life is and will continue

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