Emily Dickinson's Biggest Influence On American Poetry

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One of American Poetry’s Biggest Influence: Emily Dickinson Emily Dickinson was a poet from Massachusetts who became well known after her death. From a young age, she aspired to one day become a poet. Her poems were always meant to tell the truth, however, the truth could easily become distorted. She was credited for having “...brought about a revolution in American poetry.” (Salem Press 285). It was the world around her and her relationships that influenced her writing the most. Whether it was her history or what other people thought about her, her views on her own poetry led Emily Dickinson to become one of the most outstanding poets of her time, one that would change the world. On December 10, 1830, Emily Elizabeth Dickinson was born in Amherst, Massachusetts. While she was born into a family that was very social and always doing something around town, Emily preferred to spend her time by herself in isolation. The visitors she had were few and many of those were her family. Those that did visit, outside of her family, were often believed to have been her muse for some of her many…show more content…
She wanted to become a published and an established poet. Due to her unique writing style and techniques, she was denied from being formally recognized as the author of her poems. Emily would take it so far as to lie about who she was and her education, just to get a man to mentor her and make her ability to write, better. The reclusive lifestyle of Emily Dickinson influenced the poems she spent her entire life writing. Her poetry was deemed peculiar and many refused to publish her because of it. After being denied and rejected so many times, she wrote her poetry in spite of them, to prove she was a better poet than they gave her credit for. Today, she is known as one of the biggest influences on American poetry and has the kind of name association she wished she had back in the

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