Emily Dickinson's I Felt A Funeral, In My Brain

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The first stanza of Emily Dickinson’s poem “I Felt a Funeral, in my Brain” hones in on the noxious idea of Dickinson’s own death, through creating a sad and dark mood. The first line, “I felt a Funeral, in my Brain,” talks about a loss of memories and images in her brain (1). It is as if her thoughts are gone from her mind, the most central and essential part of the body, and she is saying goodbye to them, like a funeral does for a person. Because she is a writer, not being able to express herself through words, which she uses her brain for, would be a nightmare for her. Dickinson’s diction choices, such as “treading” and “sense breaking through” portray an internal fight occurring, with sense finally being the concept to tip her over, making
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