Emily Dickinson's I Heard A Fly Buzz

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The Silent Death
“I Heard a Fly Buzz” is considered to be one of Emily Dickinson’s most famous poems. The poem focuses on describing the atmosphere and the scene that is often associated with the moment of someone’s death. However, Dickinson manages to add an interesting and rather weird surprise to the moment. In the beginning of the poem, the speaker points out that she can hear the sound of a fly as she lies on her deathbed. Gradually, the speaker departs from the image incorporating the fly and starts describing the room in which she finds herself. There are people in the room, who are described as calm and standing patiently as they prepare themselves for what is considered to be the speaker’s final moments. The speaker also talks about giving away all of her possessions, an
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The fly comes out to distract the speaker at a moment that is considered to be crucial. At first, the fly cannot be seen, and the speaker only refers to the buzz that she is hearing. This can be considered an element that introduces the presence of death in the room. Eventually, the fly that was previously somewhat disregarded is identified and cuts the speaker’s vision. At the final line, one can conclude that the speaker has died. The poem is also effective when it comes to the issue of describing the deathbed scene in detail. The speaker’s loved ones are present by the bed, as they brace themselves for what is viewed as inevitable. Although I had to read the poem many times to understand what is between the lines, I find it simple even when talking about something unwanted (death). Dickinson has used concepts that I can relate to, such as a storm, in order to describe a moment that I have never experienced. The poem has brought me closer to the experience of death. It made me calm and relaxed while I was reading it. Death is not always terrifying. If a person lived a wonderful life, he/she would be emotionally ready for
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