Emily Dickinson's Some Keep The Sabbath

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One would think that if a person wrote these beautiful poems, then they would want them to be published. However, this was not the case with Emily Dickinson. In one of her poems, “Some Keep the Sabbath” she describes how she keeps the sabbath day compared to how others keep the sabbath day. She talks about the differences between her Church and the other people’s Church. She also talks about how she knows that God has already accepted her into the Kingdom. In the poem “Some Keep the Sabbath,” she expresses that anyone can have a strong relationship with God without having to go to Church every Saturday or Sunday. “Some keep the Sabbath going to Church--/ I keep it, staying at Home--” (Dickinson 1-3). This quote is saying that, it is alright to stay home and praise God. God does not care where a person worships from, or if they even worship Him at all. She emphasizes on the point of being able to be loved by God wherever you are in the world. She also says that just because someone does not worship in Church, does not mean God will not accept them. Not only in this poem, but in all of Dickinson’s poetry, she uses dashes, capitalization on random words to show emphasis, and most of her poetry was written in lyric form. Most of Dickinson’s poems are short, which means that they can be easier to understand, because there is not a long process of …show more content…

“With a Bobolink for a Chorister--/ And an Orchard, for a Dome” (Dickinson 3-4). In this quote, she is saying that the birds in her garden are the chorus, and the trees make a dome, such as a dome of a Church. In the quote above, she is comparing these things by using metaphors. These metaphors relate to the poem’s meaning by portraying that someone does not have to go to Church to see God. Anyone can see God through his creations of nature. Emily took this to her advantage, she knew that God had created the world for us to get lost in his

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