Emily Jenkin's We Were Liars

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What is the line between reality and illusion? This absurdity is examined in Emily Jenkin’s thrilling story, We Were Liars, as she introduces a young lady by the name of Cadence Sinclair Eastman, a torn girl with several problems. She gives the reader a story of how she turned into this shell of a person she once was, and really wants to give her side of it. The Sinclair family are very rich and powerful people. The two owners of the wealth live on a private island, while the rest of the family only visits during the summer. The eldest kids of the parents are called the liars. They consist of Johnny, Mirren, and Cadence(our narrator of the story.) One summer there is a new arrival, Gat, also one of the liars and love interest of Cadence. On the summer that they are all fifteen, Cadence has a tragic accident, at least they think so, that causes her to lose memory of most of that summer. Cadence embarks on a journey to Europe on summer sixteen, so that she can rehabilitate after the accident. Cadence goes back to the island on summer seventeen and realizes that everything is different. The house that her grandparents lived in, Clairmont, is completely refurbished and the family does not seem as cheerful to see them. This is due to the actions of summer fifteen, but cadence just can not remember. Later on while they are on the island, Cadence remembers that there was a fire involved in the accident, but does not know why. As things progress, Cadence, with help from the liars,

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