Emily Palin's Reflective Essay: A Brave New World

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The entire world was at war. The entire world. Canada started it by dropping a bomb on Australia, then in the middle of Europe. Turns out they've been planning this for years. The world becomes disastrous, with Canada, North America and South America against Europe and Australia. In the middle of this war, the defenseless part of Africa is blown to pieces, killing millions of people. The part of Africa that was not destroyed sided with Canada. Six people started a group, calling themselves The Difference. They thought that spreading a virus would stop the war, but it only made it worse. Soon, the war and the virus got so bad, that they brought a couple hundred people to underwater domes, or safe houses. Another group was also formed during this war. They were called Second Chance. They were scientists, doctors, and people who actually wanted to stop the war - unlike The Difference, who just wanted to control people. These people worked hard for years, eventually finding a solution. One day, a small girl around the age of 27, stood up during a…show more content…
No one knew how to fix it, so it stayed broken, people disposed of it. But one specific person, Emily Palin to be exact, the one who created the portal, did not agree with this. She ended up losing the formula, and for generations and generations her family tried. No one from her family ever found the exact formula, until Anthony Palin, her great, great, great, and many more greats of a grandson figured it out. He reopened the portal in his basement. He went through it - with his 5 year old son - and found himself in another basement. There was someone else's family trying to figure it too. After talking to the other guy for a while he re entered the portal to get back to his home. But something happened on his way back. The portal broke. Again. And he soon realized his son had gone through the portal and didn't come
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