Emily Stowe: A Brief Biography

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Emily Stowe was born on May 1, 1831 in Norwich Township, Oxford County, Ontario, she died on April 30, 1903 at age 71. Her mom and dad were Hannah Howard and Solomon Jenning’s. Emily 's maiden name was Emily Jenning’s but got married to John Stowe in 1856. Her parents encouraged her to get an education, her parents sent her to a co-educational Quaker school in Providence, Rhode Island. At age 15 Emily accepted employment as a teacher in the town of Summerville, and she taught for seven years. After seven years of teaching, Emily applied to Victoria College, Cobourg, Ontario and was not accepted because she was a female, then in 1852 applied to the Normal School for Upper Canada and was accepted. She graduated with first class honours in 1854, She was the first female principal, she taught at Brantford Central School. Emily married John Stowe and because of that she left teaching, in the next seven years of her life she had three children, two girls and one boy, Ann Augusta Stowe, John Howard Stowe, Frank Jennings Stowe. After she had the third child, John developed tuberculosis, this is when Emily wanted to change her job, she became very interested in medicine because she had experience with herbal remedies and homeopathic medicine.…show more content…
Since Emily was not able to study this in Canada she got her degree in The United States. Emily went to the New York Medical College for Women and in the same year she returned to Canada and opened a medical practice in Toronto. In order for Emily to keep her licence she had to take further medical courses. Emily refused to take her exams and returned practicing without a licence. Later on the very first woman doctor to graduate from a medical school was her daughter, Augusta. One of Emily Stowe 's main accomplishments was being the first women to be a principal. Another one of Emily 's main accomplishments was being the first Canadian woman to practice medicine in
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