Emily Williams Monologue

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As i breathed in and out through my nose first then my mouth my heart slowed down. I was alone…….I think who was that because I swear I was being followed. Calm down Emily it 's just your imagination,but it didn 't feel like that it felt real. Ok lets just go over the facts your forteen your name is Emily Williams you parents died two years ago in a car crash you and your little sister Brook have been fostered since. But I still felt the same,what 's wrong with me you 're fine….you 're great. I had got off the path way a couple yards ago just to go deeper into the desert,as deep as I could go. Maybe just to get away from the feeling of being followed or maybe just the feeling of being lost amongst your crazy imagination. As I walked the sky got dark and darker as I went,but it was 3:00 exactly and I didn 't think I would…show more content…
beep beep beep, calm down emily and let your heart slow down. no tell me where is everyone i demand answers. hold up emily your parents are on there way just be patient. parents? i dont no what type of joke this is but it 's not funny. slam oh my baby how are you doing,mom dad bu- but it can 't be it just can 't be. sweetie how are you doing we haven 't seen you in forever. hold up what had happened to me. ummm you were kidnapped two years ago and we found you in a ditch last night. its a miracle because if we wouldn 't of found you you would have suffered from some serious injuries from your kidnapper. where is brooke, honey who is brooke. i think she is still suffering from some serious hallucinations. can she still come home doctor,yes just let us grab wheelchair and you will be ready to go miss emily. (in the car) so you ready to get back home sweetie. yea sure..wait watch out crash!!!! the lights were flashing right in my eyes then i saw this bright light coming toward me as i saw my parents lay dead on the ground but i still yield for them and then as the light came closer
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