Emily's Poems Involving Nature Metaphors Similes And Personification

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In my poem I wanted to incorporate some Emily’s main ideas and themes she uses throughout all her poems involving nature, metaphors, similes, and personification. I used the frozen pond as my main subject, while using personification to express the possible thoughts a pond might have in the dead of winter. The pond is a symbol for a mother, mothers always seem to be giving and ask for very little in return except for a child’s love and affection. As for the “egocentric” puck, the puck is a metaphor for the many distractions in life that can pull a child away from their parents. Teens might be the best example of this because usually teens purposefully separate themselves from their parents, who they see as complete embarrassments. However, mothers are always there, just as the pond is, and are always ready to forgive whatever hardships they have had to endure. From the beginning of the poem, I describe the pond as being a beautiful figure in nature, and as the day goes by her beauty is impaired by the sharp blades of skates and the puck. However, she doesn’t let the infliction of skates and pucks tear her apart but instead cherishes the time the children spend with her and only looks forward to a new day, keeping in mind that she is the one who will provide the bond between the children that makes for everlasting memories. As it was said before, the puck represents the various distractions in life that might push a child away from their parents. The biggest distraction being growing up, children who move into teens find themselves separating themselves from their “embarrassing” parents, but as life goes on, like the day goes on, the children will always come back and remember the great memories they have made with the pond
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