Eminem Number Eight Research Paper

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987ampradio.cbslocal.com 987ampradio.cbslocal.com We already brought you part one of 15 things you didn 't know about Eminem, and now we 're back with part two! Here are eight more little-known facts about this iconic rapper. Number Eight: He 's a Criminal. When Eminem was just 20 years old, he was the driver in a drive-by shooting. However, the drive-by shooting was just with paintballs, but he was still arrested. The case was dismissed when the drive-by victim didn 't show up to court. Number Seven: He Hated Vanilla Ice. Vanilla Ice became wildly popular in the '90s, and Eminem had a lot of disdain for his fame. It reportedly "crushed" Eminem that Vanilla Ice was so popular, and Eminem lost a lot of his drive to rap because of Vanilla…show more content…
Number Six: Shady Records Rap Off. If you 're an aspiring rapper and want to be part of Eminem 's label, Shady Records, you 'll have to take part in a rap battle with Eminem first. Good luck not feeling intimidated there. Number Five: Friendship With Dre. Eminem was so poor when he met the legendary Dr. Dre that he was wearing an ugly yellow tracksuit given to him by a sponsor. He apparently didn 't have money to buy any decent clothing. Dre apparently though Eminem looked like a banana. Number Four: Comatose Child. When Eminem was just nine years old, a bully at school beat him up so badly that he spend an entire week in a coma. Number Three: Subliminal Beef. Rap giants Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z and Kanye have all targeted Eminem through their music, and he has allegedly had "subliminal beef" with them for a long time. It looks like the rappers have been sending hidden messages to each other for years. Number Two: Size Matters. Though Eminem is a small, slender man, he wears XXL-sized clothing. Whether this has to do with an ego issue or something else is yet to be determined. Number One: PB&...What? A crackhead once broke into Eminem 's house, but instead of holding him up at gunpoint and asking him for money, he made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead. We 're wondering if he used creamy or crunchy
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