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Eminem is a big name when it comes to the music industry. Probably among the best-rated rappers, he is famous for numerous hit tracks and albums including Deuces, Mockingbird, No love, Till I Collapse, Lose Yourself, Not Afraid, Without me among many other tracks. A lot of information about his public life, ever since he rose to fame, can be availed by the print and social medias. However, there is much to that. A lot can be said about this ardent rapper, with excellent skills.

Early life

To begin, it is of great essence to highlight quite a few notable life developments of Eminem. He was born Marshall Bruce Mathers III on the 17th October 1972. He is the only child of the two young parents who later divorced and separated.
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His relationship with Michael Jackson
To many people, Eminem might have been in rough patches with the crowned king of pop, Michael Jackson. This is probably due to Eminem’s opinion about Jackson’s plastic surgery in the ‘Just Lose It’ music video. However, this may not be the case. This is because Michael Jackson co-owns rights in Eminem’s back catalog.

Any Grudge with Moby?
Eminem is possibly among the highly-misunderstood artists. However, some music videos directly imply or give certain ideas about his opinions. Moby was in the receiving end of his video nasties. Despite this, Moby confessed that he has no grudge with Eminem. In fact, he stated in an interview that he would complement him due to his talent. He also notes the rhymes and production skills of this rapper.

His row with US administration
Eminem adds to the list of musicians who have attracted the attention of the high administrations of the land. In the song, ‘We as Americans’ the message is reported to have raised concerns from the secret service. Lyrics from the song are reportedly targeting former President Bush. Some of the quoted lyrics include ‘fuck money; I didn 't rap for dead presidents. I’d rather see the president dead’.

He is left
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