Airline Industry In The Emirates: The Air Line Industry

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The air line that was trying to connecting the unconnected, the Emirates- Dubai based airline who has won a name in the industry as the air line that provides an excellent services to its’ passengers. The Emirates commitments towards providing first class service to the passengers has been one of the main reasons for what Emirates has been today in the Air Line Industry securing the considerable share of the market. The Emirates has the humble begin with two air crafts and within a period of less than twenty five years it became one of the success story of the air line industry. In 1980 when the air line giant Gulf Air cut back its services to Dubai, with the assistance and support of the royal family the Emirates made its’ presence in…show more content…
Currently the Emirates makes its’ operations out of a single mega –hub in the Dubai International Airport and was able to penetrate in to the destinations that were underserved during the period under review and it has given the air line a first mover benefit. At present the air line is facing with huge competition with the legacy air lines. Despite its current situation in this backdrop the market conditions and the enhanced competition has become the threaten for its’ future prospects. As a result of the findings of the research and in depth analysis carried out on Emirates and the industry in which it is being operated has given directions to address the weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and make efforts to the capitalization of the opportunities available in the market trends. In order to have a better understanding of the trends and dynamics of the air line industry where Emirates plays a considerable role Porter’s Five Forces Analysis has been performed. Simultaneously PEST analysis also performed with an aim of identifying business environment/climate of the industry. As mentioned in the one of the previous paragraphs through a SWOT analysis of Emirates the strategic plan for the sustainability in the industry can be introduced. 2. What is behind Emirates…show more content…
The said hub is positioning on the peninsula, placed it at the nexus of world transit routes .Ability to running the funnel flight service, this connection process has given the way to the emirates to service large number of destination more effectively to and from each destination. Strategic positioning at the cross section of two major flows i.e. NW to SE and NE to SW. As Dubai has been graded as the sixth largest cargo air port in the year 2012 in volume the Emirates gained the benefits by Dubai City by becoming world logistic hub for both goods and the

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