Emirates Airlines Case Study

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Disposal of Employees by the organization:
Emirates Airlines has this reputation of disposing its employees in regular interval. The company has gained quite a negative image due to its practice of disposing off with employees in regular gaps. In a recent incident, the Japan Times had reported that the Airlines Company was criticized very harshly by the Court of Osaka, Japan. The Company had disposed with three of its employees working in their Call center in Osaka. The Company was criticized for its wrong practices of over stretched working hours, non- payment of dues to its employees. The Company was accused of not paying its employees the payments for overtime working. The employees of the Organization had also complained about the harsh and rough behavior of the Senior Management people from the Organization. The Court of Osaka had criticized the wrong practice of the Organization to lay off people without much reason. This particular practice of the Company has caused a lot of negativity in the employees of the Company (Japantimes, 2016).

High level of Politics in the Internal work Culture:
The high level of internal politics in the work environment of Emirates Airlines has worked against the Company. The existing complicated relationship between the senior management and the lower level of management of the Company has created an atmosphere of doubt and non –coordination. The senior employees of the Company are accused of blaming the junior employees for any
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