Emirates Airlines: Herzberg's Motivational Employee

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Embracing Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory, the company has embarked on offering its employees incentives that contribute to job satisfaction. The organization not only offers their employees cash incentives but also favourable and conducive work environment among other job satisfaction factors ( The Emirates Group, ). One of the cash incentives that Emirates Airlines offers is a competitive tax free basic salary. The organization regularly reviews the salaries to ensure they remain competitive in the aviation industry. Emirates Airlines operates a profit share scheme based on the company’s profit results. The employees qualify to receive a share of the profits. As elaborated by Maslow’s theory, when the safety needs of employees such…show more content…
In the program, 50 percent of the employees’ basic salary is protected against adverse exchange rate fluctuations between the UAE Dirham and the workers currency rate choice. The company in applying Herzberg’s theory provides its employees with financial support towards the payment of core tuition fees for senior staff who want to advance in their careers (Emirates Group, ). The non-cash motivational incentives provided by Emirates Airlines include employees’ annual leave. They are entitled to a minimum of thirty calendar days leave and an additional ten public holidays (The Emirates Group, ). Senior workers get to enjoy an increase of the thirty day leave. The company also provides its workers with an end of service gratuity in accordance with U.A.E.s labor laws. However, the company leans toward the dissatisfaction factors in Herzberg’s theory be making its employees work for very long hours leading to their exhaustion. There have also been complaints about the company’s quick layoffs of its employees, therefore, depriving them of job security (The Emirates Group,…show more content…
It, therefore, focuses on team training and development to ensure the employees are equipped to perform their functions up to standard. The organization emphasizes on the importance of team work from the initial stages of employment. During the recruitment and training stages, the selected persons are divided into groups and a set of interviews conducted. The team members are then confronted with hypothetical difficult situations that they need to resolve with the help of their teams. It is meant to encourage the team culture of the company in solving problems (The Emirates Group, 2015). In encouraging team work Emirates Airlines uses the performance management program. The procedure that concentrates on goals, barriers and recognition in team performance, ensures there is a conducive work environment for the employees (Heathfield, 2014). Through this program, Emirates Airlines has been able to detect the barriers to achievement of company goals that teams face and has consequently provided solutions for them. It has also been able to reward those employees who have performed outstanding work in the teams. The company’s rewards have in the past included retreats for the team members to further bond and learn cabin crew and emergency procedures and customer service management. In 2013, Emirates Airlines team in Singapore entered into a deal

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