Emirates Airlines Strategy Analysis

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Strategy Effectiveness
One of the raging questions that accompany the exponential success of Emirates Airlines from being a two aircraft fleet company to an international leader in the airline industry is how the company managed to achieve its objectives. For any company to be able to achieve objectives and drive success in its industry, it is important for the company to implement effective strategies.
For any organization to be able to strategize efficiently, it needs to be aware of the factors that affect its performance. One of the major strategies that Emirates Airlines applies is the high quality strategy. Through consistent quality, the organization has been able to retain customers and today it has about 17 million members. Emirates
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When airline companies strategize and set objectives, they make sure to put the customer at the centre to help increase profit and share in the market. Furthermore, focusing on the customer increases customer loyalty and thus generates repeat business.
Excellent Leadership
A quality management system helps the organization in achieving its target and also in making sure that the company is reaching all organizational goals by unifying the management and employees in one direction. When employees understand the goals of the organization, they stay motivated and thus contribute towards the goal of the organization.
Team Spirit
Emirates Airlines’ creative and innovative approaches is one of the many results that its team has helped the company achieve. Employees are involved in the decision making process at all levels which boosts company morale and helps the firm achieve excellence.
Process Approach
When the process of carrying out activities in an organization is easy to manage, the success of its objectives is evident. With a smoother process in place, Emirates can shorten the time of its current activities, reducing costs, etc.
Systematic Management
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The confirmation of the quality of service offered by Emirates Airlines is in the awards that is has won day every year since the inception of the in flight entertainment system. The in flight entertainment system offered by Emirates – ICE stands for Information, Communication and Entertainment. The customers can view news, send or receive e-mails, and view movies, listen to music & play video games via the information, communication and entertainment channels respectively.
On Ground Services
Emirates Airlines offers Lounging facilities to its First and Business Class customers and Skywards Gold and Platinum members in 32 cities across. Emirates Skywards is the customer loyalty program run by Emirates for frequent flyers. Skywards Silver members can use these lounges but only at Dubai Airport. Furthermore, if an airport does not have Emirates Lounge, the First and Business Class Members and Gold and Platinum Skywards members can access a third party departure lounge.
Chauffer Drives
Emirates Airlines offers complimentary chauffer driven airport transfer services to its first and business class passengers. The service is operative in more than 60 countries and the cars that have been used are luxury cars like Volvo V70, Mercedes Benz E-Class, and BMW 5 Series. The kind of car being driven depends on the location and service provider with whom a contract has been signed

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