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EMIRATES AIRLINES. Company Overview. Founded in 1985, Emirates is an airline company that s based in Dubai in the United Arabs Emirates .The company is one of the subsidiaries of the emirates group that is owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai. Emirates is currently the biggest airline in the Middle East and operates approximately 3500 flights every week. These flights take place from the Dubai International Airport and travel to more than 142 cities spread across 78 countries across the globe (Tenney, 1977). Emirates Airlines is ranked among the ten best carriers in the whole world based on the number of passenger kilometers .The company has also grown to become the biggest airlines in the region in terms of , passengers, fleet size…show more content…
The airline received sufficient support from the , government of Dubai ,the royal family of Dubai as well as Pakistan International Airlines who provided them with a first airplane based on a wet lease.Apart from the initial $10 ,000,000 startup capital, that was given by the government,the airline was also required to carry out its operations independently from the other government subsidiaries . Since then, the airline has been headed by Ahmed Saeed Al Maktoum who is also the current chairman of the…show more content…
These factors include the organizational structure of the company, the type of company and the amount of capital that the business will need in order to stat its operations , the discussion above focuses in the funding that the two companies Google and American tech company and Emirates airline a UAE . The two companies have varied sources of funding as Google relied mainly in sponsorships from friends for the initial capital while the Emirates airline received lending from the government .The main similarity however is that both companies grew and expanded rapidly and can currently fund their operations fro revenues and the IPOs that they have engaged in .The discussion shows that successful companies can have different sourced of funding when starting out and based on how well the sources are managed then more revenue can be generated from the initial capital

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