Emma Goldman's Arguments Against Anarchism

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With the high number of technological advancements in the past century, the U.S. prison system could greatly benefit from supplies such as; medical and educational technology to help improve their lifestyle. Although Conservatives may disagree because they have this pre-existing notion that our prisoners do not deserve such luxury but the reality is that the prisoners are humans too and they should be able to progress with modern time. There are countless opinions on such an issue between liberals and conservative but the results are mixed. Conservatives argue that technology is better suited for society and for the general public. They assume that the prisoners wouldn’t benefit from modern technology. Usually liberals argue that the prisoners…show more content…
She begins her paper by defining what anarchism really means so this helps the readers get a better understanding of her argument and leads into her main points. Goldman also uses more simplistic words when defining anarchism so the readers would clearly understand her point of view. This is meant to be an insults to the readers, but is mainly done to help challenge the readers. Throughout her paper, she is arguing for anarchism but does not force the readers to buy into her belief. She makes claims that support her idea and lets her claims do the…show more content…
“Prisons: A social crime and failure.” Anarchism and other Essays: Prions. Mother Earth Association, 1911. Web. 15 Sep. 2016
Goldman explains her position on the prison system and how it has come to such poor conditions. She mentions a few problems with prison systems such as; how they are mistreated as slave-works and how much money is wasted in these prisons.
Although it is commonly assumed that the prison systems are helping society, in fact, Goldman argues that it is hurting it because it is not helping the prisoners change their bad behaviors. The prisoners are only being used to help benefit the state by being subjected to harsh labor and being in an income that goes to the state.
Problem claim: One of the claims that Goldman argues is that the prisoners are being mistreated and used for cheap labor. She states in her book, how the prisoners are being used to do jobs that no normal individual would do if they had their own feel will. The prisoners are also being pushed beyond their bodily limits and strengths. All this labor is done to help the state not the individual themselves. This becomes an issue because they are in a correctional facility to be corrected, not to be used as cheap
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