Emma Goldman's Political Goals

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“The demand for equal rights in every vocation of life is just and fair; but, after all, the most vital right is the right to love and be loved,” was a famous quote by Emma Goldman, a
Jewish-Russian immigrant who turned to anarchism from communism. Growing up poor but very well-educated in early 1900’s radically changing New York, Goldman experienced a multitude of factors that motivated her, prepared her for her political beliefs that led to her achievements. Through these life-changing factors, Emma Goldman changed her political ideals as well as had many accomplishments that laid the foundational elements for modern-day
Libertarian movement.
By living the radically changing environment of early 1900’s New York and witnessing
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As she began reading local Socialist newspapers in German, her political view grew close to Communist as she began developing good relations with prominent communist speakers in the working class community of New York (Source 2). The further brutal crackdowns on peaceful protests and strikes of the working class workers by police and rich controlled-mobs, also fueled her view of this socioeconomic inequality (Source 1). Later on,
Emma Goldman 3 readings of Anarchist and Libertarian views developed her beliefs from radical Communism to a belief of less government intervention was need, in order to protect the people (Source 2). As a result, Goldman was highly molded and motivated by these event to develop radical political views that would began a new era of political beliefs in the working and middle class, lasting in today’s American politics.
Goldman’s background and living as well as understanding of all the issues plaguing early 1900’s New York prepared her for her radical political views. Goldman understood how the educatedly develop speeches and write articles expressing her strong political views
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