Emma In The Movie 'Clueless'

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"Clueless" is a smart and funny movie, and the main characters Cher, who lives in a mansion and She is one of the most totally self-absorbed characters in a movie since the heroes of "Wayne's World," and yet she isn't a victim, and we get the idea she will grow up tough and clever, like her dad. He's a big-time lawyer, a person who is always working on big cases. He knows everything that's going on, cares for his daughter, is protective of her, for an example, tells a kid taking his daughter out on a date "If anything happens to her, I got a .45 and a shovel”.

Emma Woodhouse in the movie “Emma” has the world at her fingertips. She’s young, pretty, and smart, she also happens to be the reigning queen of her village’s social scene. Emma lives in Highbury, a small town about sixteen miles outside of London, with her father. Mr. Woodhouse loves Emma, but he can't offer her any guidance which is perhaps why Emma doesn’t seem to have any sense of her own. Life seems pretty sweet, a bit boring and so Emma decided to spice things up by taking on a job, for Harriet Smith. Even though Emma’s determined never to marry herself, she immediately decides to find Harriet a husband.
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Also in “Clueless” and in the movie “Emma” both of the main girls are rich, and try there best to find both of there best friends a wife/husband to have and they both fail, but they end up finding someone they love. They do have a lot of differences like in “Emma” the setting is a little older in time, in the 1900 time, and in “Clueless” it's more around our time period. In “Clueless” cher falls in love with her stepbrother and in “Emma”, Emma falls in love with Mr.
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