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The case study I have decided to research and report pertains to case study 6-2 of our textbook. This case regards the 12 year old girl that is mature, informed and is choosing to refuse a cardiac transplant. This is the case that has greatly captured my attention this semester. This is an interesting case, principles clash and the circumstances are unique. The transplant surgeon, Dr. Hamid, wants the 12-year-old Emma Ogden, to opt for a heart transplant in order to save her life. Emma suffered from a congenital heart defect that had led her to be operated over forty times in her life. However, before the exploration of this case and the final decision, some background information is necessary. Furthermore, Emma was a brilliant student; she…show more content…
she had done her fair share of research on her condition. She understood completely what her procedure could have done for her. She had already experienced over forty operations. She was tired of all the surgeries and decided to refuse the heart transplant. Emma was completely aware that the procedure would only prolong life for a short period of time. Certain death awaited Emma. Her parents agreed with Emma after she discussed her decision with them. Nonetheless, Dr. Hamid wished to perform the heart transplant to extend Emma’s life. Dr. Hamid had never witnessed such a young patient decline the procedure. He was more accustomed to an elderly person that lived a long life to decline this procedure. He was acting on the principle of beneficence, that is, he wishes to only do good for the patient. His intentions were not to harm her; he merely wanted to save her life. Admirable is the man that wishes to aid those in need. However, Emma does not need further…show more content…
Turmoil is eventually present in the life of a human being. The person experiencing the ordeal has feelings that should be considered and never ignored. There are a wide variety of contexts that need to be observed. Her parents could overrule her decision, give consent to doctor Hamid to proceed with the heart transplant. However, she was exhausted of all the surgical procedures. She merely wanted to end all the suffering, she was fully aware of the result that is to come. She was not acting on a whim; she was informed and had realized she did not want the procedure. Emma’s autonomy should be respected, as she had proven to be significantly competent. Life is immensely sacred, however death holds the same importance. Emma had the support of her parents. Dr. Hamid was evidently only trying to do what he believed was best. However, he was disregarding what Emma wants. During a special situation like this one, it is very easy to focus on what could be done that one forgets to consider should to be done. Dr. Hamid should have taken Emma’s feelings into consideration and respected the highly intelligent 12-year-old child that Emma

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