Emma Sulkowicz Argumentative Essay

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Emma Sulkowicz was allegedly raped as sophomore in college at Columbia university. She states that it started off as a consensual sexual encounter, but then she was anally raped. After eight months and hearing from two other girls that had been sexually assaulted by the same man, she went and filed a complaint with the university. The man that was accused was found “not responsible” by the school. This lead Emma to take matters into her own hands and she started the Mattress Performance which was where she would carry her fifty pound mattress with her wherever she went until the accused either left the school or was kicked out. She also filed a police report, which was not pursued based off lack of reasonable suspicion.

I think that it’s appalling that the university didn’t believe Emma, let alone two other girls. It makes me as a woman feel unsafe and not protected when the likelihood of something like this happening on my
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This means that each party interacting together must give clear consent to continue on with sexual advancements. It states that any force, coercion, incapacitation or drugs and alcohol are involved are things that make it so someone can’t give clear consent. They also have an amnesty clause, meaning that OSU will not pursue any conduct violation against a survivor for substance use, possession or distribution at the time of sexual assault/harassment. Oregon State has confidential support, counseling and advocacy on campus, including the number in the center against rape and domestic violence, the addresses and number for the sexual assault support services, the number and addresses for the sexual assault nurse examiner and different reporting options like the office of equity and inclusion, the department of public safety and Oregon State police and the off campus law
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