Emma Swan Argumentative Essay

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Once upon a time there was a child named Emma Swan. She grew up abandoned and poor. She struggled at times because she didn't have a lot to survive, Emma only drank dirty water and only as much as a puddle on the ground. The world was going through a tough time with droughts because the oceans and lakes were drying out. So everybody was struggling but not as much as Emma because she didn't have a proper nutrition and a nice home to take care of herself.
Emma had poor health because of how much water she was drinking and because it wasn't clean. She passed out at times because of dehydration and sometimes thought abut ending her struggle. One day a fight broke out next to the alley she was in and she didn't want to be around when the cops came
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When she opened her eyes she realized that she passed out and was now on the church floor. Emma know knew she was running out of time so she walked out the church and climbed into a bus. It took her to the white house where she took out a piece of paper and a pencil and wrote.
Dear president of the United States, I realized I am dying from unclean water and the lack of water I am consuming. There are more people like me that are dying for this reason. You need to make a system where unclean water will be clean and that you find more water for everyone to have because water is essential to life. I know this country is dying but save it. I probably won't be around for you to read so let me just tell you one thing you must do. Tell the country why water quantity and water quality is important because if you don't everyone will die quicker than you think.
As Emma slid the paper underneath the bottom of the door she took a step back and slipped on the stairs. She knew at the bottom was waiting for death but also waiting will be heaven were there is unlimited amount of water and clean water. As she flew down the stairs she closed her eyes and realized that the President probably wants everybody to die so they can go to heaven and enjoy the water like she
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