Emma Watson Be He For Woman Essay

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Many speeches have been given throughout history regarding Gender Issues. One of these speeches include Emma Watson’s “Be The He for She”. Although many think Watson’s speech was ineffective, it brings awareness to gender inequality by listing examples of instances where male and females have been The inequality of women has been seen throughout the formation of many nations including the United States. At very young ages, girls have a close eye on them, focusing on how they behave and their mannerism. Girls are expected to live up to a standard set up by society on how to act and how to look while also keeping in mind that they must not be like “those girls” who let themselves be objectified. This thought process can be extremely confusing and ultimately lead the developing child in a frozen like state. As mentioned in Mary Pipher’s essay “Saplings in a Storm”, “Something dramatic happens to girls in early adolescence Just as planes and ships disappears mysteriously into the Bermuda Triangle, so do the selves of girls go down in droves.” (Dialogues P.344) As they mature, young women begin to experience objectification and sexualization when they are “asking for it” rather than wearing a skirt and “asking for it” rather than enjoying themselves with friends. As Watson stated, “When at 14, I starting being sexualized by certain elements of the press.” (Watson P.348) Sexualization can begin at any age. From then, women are expected to raise the children and stay at home,…show more content…
The idea that females need men to step up and be an active voice for them seems a bit hypocritical. Feminism is more than a single issue, there are problems and stereotypes that affect solely women of color rather than just the white population. Her acknowledgement of her privilege must be appreciated but, the result of the project could possible only benefit a part of the female
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