Emmasofia Case Study

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There is a new groovy movement Hunter S. Thompson could get behind. Well, sort of. EmmaSofia, a nonprofit organization located in Oslo, Norway is pushing for legal psychedelics. This could make tripping a less paranoid experience. The company has targeted the drug policies of the 1970s. They hope to get them amended for an LSD, MDMA, and magic mushroom utopia. After all, EmmaSofia is a coded meaning for MDMA and psychedelics. Emma being a popular nickname for MDMA. And Sofia is associated with the psychedelic philosophers stone. What would a psychedelic world look like? And what about other drugs, like heroin? Would a heroin junkie world function?

Is the Science Behind Psychedelic Therapy like Dropping LSD?
If psychedelic drugs like LSD and MDMA become legal, the world may become a more colorful place. Would it be dangerous for everyone to be tripping out at the same time? Researchers have suggested that psychedelics are relatively safe when mixed with common daily activities. Well, maybe not driving. They also can induce profound experiences. This is what makes LSD and other psychedelics therapeutically important. They have been used as an ancient spiritual practice. Often allowing those who take LSD in a therapeutic setting to experience something personally profound and meaningful. Some researchers have compared the LSD
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You heard that right. If you can send your overstock of psychedelics to them and they will distribute them for free. With the backers of their groovy movement getting first pick. The company did add that distribution of the drugs would depend on the laws of the manufacturer’s country. The receiver of the drugs would also be responsible for all legal documentation and meeting government requirements. EmmaSofia is kind of like a movement middleman. Interestingly, there are several countries that allow the use of psychedelics in a therapeutic setting prior to market
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