Emmeline Pankhurst Speech Summary

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The text to analyze is a speech that gave Emmeline Pankhurst in 1913 in Connecticut, United States, directed to all men and women who were fighting for the rights of women in North America, and here intended is defend the struggle of women. It 's a primary source. Following the speech, I will discuss the history of suffrage, mainly living Emmeline Pankhurst and very briefly of which is given after obtaining the vote for women. The author is Emmeline Pankhurst although the text is only a transcription. Pankhurst was born in 1858 in England and she was a feminist political activist. She grew up in a family in which men and women were treated as equals, and in a family that believed in women 's suffrage. When she was fourteen years old she…show more content…
3 The language is very close, Pankhurst uses "you" and "I" to identify with the audience and get through this that listeners are reflected in their words. Soldier uses the idea to make them aware of their difficulties in the fight for rights. In British Feminism in the Twentieth century, Harold L. Smith praised Pankhurst 's eloquence in his speeches and showing a great ability to communicate with people. Emmeline says things they encounter in their country, with a goal that this could raise awareness among women of what they suffer to get the right to vote, as a message that nothing can stop them. She compares the history of the United States for their rights with the struggle of women, perhaps because she trusts that this will make them more aware of their struggle. Emmeline also uses metaphors to explain the different forms of action and effectiveness. Perhaps because women and Maders, Pankhurst uses the metaphor of noisy baby and the baby quiet to show that always ignores the first for disturbing. This is also a metaphor for the actions of its predecessors: quiet without result. Pankhurst know what happens in the world and had already made a trip to Russia, so she talks about the revolutions in Russia and China by men, saying that men did not need to be explained, but the women themselves should be explain why using revolutionary methods, showing the injustice of this. And even she noted in her speech that women are human as if that wasn
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