Emmerich's All Quiet In The Western Front

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All quite in the western front was a very good war book. For people like me who have never experienced the horrors of being in battle during war, this book painted a good picture of what it was like being in battle. The emotional trauma that these men had to endure, words cannot express what they must have been through. The book All quite in the western front had many traits that it expressed in it such as loss, despair, and alienation. Many would agree that this book expressed the trait of loss in this book many times; however, this book portrayed loss not only in death, but also innocents, and how the characters have changed. Kemmerich’s was one of Paul’s close friends to die first, and it is here we can see how loss is portrayed during this scene. The loss of Kemmerich life was not quick or painless, Paul’s friend suffered throughout this time, and Paul was their watched his friend die. Paul faced the truth about war after his friend’s death. The truth that Paul had discovered is that the loss of life is something that he, and all of his friends might not be able to escape. I believe that Paul gave up on living after the death of Kat, that was his last friend that was still alive and he was very close to him. On page (290-291) Paul had worked so hard to save…show more content…
It is in chapter 6 when we start to see the Paul is experiencing despair. After a heavy attack with the French, Paul and the other soldiers take the chance to fall back and rest for an hour. While Paul is standing watch, his memories start to wash all over him, but the memories don’t bring him joy or calmness. The memories bring sorrow and he start to believe that his youth is forever gone along with his hopes and dreams. It is also in this chapter that Paul and looked and listen a fellow solider die for 3 days, and even with their best efforts they could not find
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