Emmett Louis 'Bobo' Till Book Report

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Emmett Louis “Bobo” Till was born on July 25, 1941 and was a fourteen year old African American boy from Chicago who was brutally murdered in Money, Mississippi. His murder has been known as a key event that empowered the Civil Rights Movement. Chris Crowe the author of this book is an English professor at Brigham Young University. Crowe began writing as he was teaching English, spending numerous evenings, weekends, and occasions hammering out stories and articles on an electric Smith Corona typewriter that year, he also published his first article. When he was 25, he was a writer for The Arizona Golfer, and the following summer began composing a humor section for The Latter Day Sentinel. The next year, while still working on his writing, he…show more content…
A couple of days later, twenty-four year old Roy Bryant arrived back to his wife Carolyn. When he found out what happened, he was furious. His half brother J.W. Milam joined him and that night they drove to Emmett’s house. When Emmett’s uncle heard the knock on the door, he knew what was going to happen. Roy Bryant asked to see Emmett, took him into their car, drove off, and took him to a shed on a plantation. Reed the son of a nearby sharecropper, testified that he heard sounds of beating and cries of help. Afterwards three white men loaded something wrapped in a tarp onto a pickup truck. At this point no one knew if Emmett was still alive. Bryant and Milam then took Emmett to the Tallahatchie River and made him strip. When Milam noticed Emmett did not seem regretful he decided to shoot Emmett. His family was worried and called his mom back in Chicago. They decided to call the police and report a kidnapping to arrest Bryant and Milam. Three days after their arrest, Robert Hodges called the police to report something that looked like knees in the Tallahatchie River. When the police arrived and retrieved the body, they saw that it was mutilated and decomposed. The body had swollen to almost half its normal size. One side of the forehead had been crushed and an eye was bulged out. The neck had been ripped
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