Emmett Louis Till Thesis

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Born in 1941 in Chicago, Illinois, Emmett Louis Till was raised by his single mother who was an extraordinary woman. She defied social constraints and discrimination she faced as an African American. At the age of six, Till was diagnosed with polio which left him with a permanent stutter, but that never stopped his positive attitude. Nicknamed Bobo, was well liked and those who knew him described him as responsible and funny. He also liked to joke and play around with his friends. Till was also a caring boy who was very strong and muscular for an eleven year old. In one instance he threatened his stepfather with a knife if he hurt his mother. When Till was fourteen he wished to visit his mother’s uncle, Mose Wright, in Mississippi Delta who worked as a sharecropper and minister. His mother agreed, but only if he agreed be careful because the whites were…show more content…
In Till’s case, the anger came from the senseless killing of a fourteen year old and how, as a result, the murderers got off with almost no trouble. The jury did not even have to think twice about the innocence of the cruel monsters just because they were white and their victim was black. The pigs were even laughing and rejoicing with their wives as if they did not destroy that boy’s family. It was honestly appalling. The Scottsboro Boys’ trial was even more tragic because it actually scarred them and led some of the boys to a path of devastation. It is scary to think that all they needed was two white women to falsely accuse them and it is even scarier to think that the deputies, those who were trusted to bring justice, pressured these women to do this because they were twisted enough to take joy in tearing a black person’s life to shreds. I guess that is something these two stories had in
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