Emmett Till Injustice In Today's Society

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Aaaaaaah! The boisterous screams of pain filled the skies with misery and demise. The young child known as Emmett Till knew that today was his end. Many people suffered of injustice back in that time. The blacks were treated the worst. In places like the south, we couldn’t even contemplate how bad they were treated. There was no freedom of speech. They weren’t even allowed to look at certain things. If I was a black man back in that day, I would try to move somewhere else, like Canada, where it was a place of freedom in the Civil Rights era along with the slavery era. I am not saying that all white people treated blacks and others of different ethnicities bad, some were good. Bob Dylan for example, he wrote a song to show his empathy and condolences towards poor Emmett Till’s death.
In places like Mississippi, down in the south, many people had to live life in fear of being murdered or tortured. All white people in the south had made a stereotype about black males that if they touch a white woman or even look at one, they would be tortured and most likely killed. The people of different ethnicities and races were also discriminated against. People of China, Mexico and Africa were forced to be segregated from the white people. They had different bathrooms, restaurants, cinemas, and schools. If it is this much
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A man named Bob Dylan was a good white man, he cared about the welfare of black people. He cared so much that he wrote a biased song about Emmett Till against the people who murdered him. Many people throughout history craved equal rights, but only some of them got it. The Civil Rights Movement was a movement for unity and salvation. The black folk were trying to persuade the white people to let them have equal rights and become united into a single, honourable country. Henceforth, I believe that the Civil Rights Movement impacted many lives and will continue to do so, now, and in the
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