Emmett Till: The Cause Of Racism

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Emmett Till was a 14 year old African American boy who was brutally murdered by racist men. “While visiting his great uncle in, Money Mississippi, Emmett Till was from Chicago, was badly killed for flirting with a white woman”(source 1). Before he went to Money Mississippi , his mom warned him that there was a lot of racism in the south. During the visit Emmett went to a grocery store where he was reported for flirting with a white woman. His mother had thought him to whistle when he had big words, because he would stutter from recent polio, a disease back in the 80s. “He was kidnapped by J.W Milam the white woman 's brother, and Roy Bryant the husband of the white woman”(source 3). Emmett Till was murdered by a racist. They tied him to
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