Emmitt Till Murder Case Study

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Throughout history there have been several events across the country that has helped abolish slavery and segregation such as “Brown vs. Board of education” and the “Emmitt Till Murder Case”. In small towns however there have been events that have changed the beliefs of communities. Some will eventually be known nationally. Others will never be heard of by those that live outside of those small communities.
In the 1970s two small schools in Virginia integrated to form T.C. Williams high school. There was a lot of backlash through both communities as the thought of African Americans and Caucasians attending the same school angered a lot of people. The tensions came to a head when the head football coach was replace by Herman Boone an African American coach from North Carolina. Several of the white players wanted to protest and quit the team out of respect for both their coach and fear that their new coach wouldn’t give them the playing time they deserved. The former coach Bill Yoast agrees to join the team as an assistant so the players will continue playing the game.
The team went off to training camp where the coaches required one Caucasian player and one African American player to room with each other in order to build team unity and familiarity. The players continue to have problems throughout
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Williams Titans finished the season with an undefeated record, a Virginia AAA state championship, and they finish the season ranked 2nd nationally. Coach Boone would continue coaching The Titans for four years after this season along with Coach Yoast. Both are considered to be football legends. The Titans not only defeated every team that they stepped on the field against that season they also defeated racism and united a community with their inspiring play on the field. They also showed everyone that skin color doesn’t matter and that all the players and coaches regardless of skin color and ethnicity had a common goal that they all wanted to
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