Emmy And Oliver Character Analysis

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Emmy & Oliver Can you imagine being just a little kid and having your best friend be kidnapped by their father? Well in Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway Emmy has this happen to her best friend Oliver. After ten years go by Emmy receives spontaneous news that Oliver has been found in New York and is on his way home. When Oliver arrives Emmy and her friends are told to give him space. Emmy decides to go talk to him one day and realizes that their friendship will never be the same as when they were kids, that they have to start over. The three most important conflicts within this book are Emmys conflict with her parents, the conflict between Oliver and school, and Oliver’s conflict with his new life. Emmy has a huge conflict with her parents. Ever since Oliver was kidnapped, Emmys parents have became…show more content…
Oliver has been gone for ten years and when he comes home he has to find out how to cope with his new surroundings. It is a little more comforting that he has Emmy, a somewhat familiar friend, to comfort him through it all. Emmy tries to hang out with him and make it fun so she can get his mind off of everything else going on. “”Coming home feels like being kidnapped all over again”” (Benway 113). When Oliver was first kidnapped by his dad he had to get used to whole new surroundings, and now that he has came home he is experiencing the same thing all over again. It is a copious amount of new things to take in all at once and that makes Oliver uncomfortable. Through Emmy’s conflict with her parents, Oliver’s conflict with the school, and his conflict with his new life it is clear that there are plenty of conflicts in Emmy & Oliver, even though they may not be easy to find. Emmy is starting to have feelings for Oliver, but will Oliver feel the same way or will his problems with his life cover up his feelings? This is a question that will be answered soon enough throughout the
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