Emmy Noether: A Career In Mathematics

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Nadine Torres Algebra 2 Pre-AP/DC CA 7/8B Emmy Noether Introduction Emmy Noether was born in Erlangen, Germany on March 23rd, 1882. Her real name was Amalie Noether, however she was almost always called “Emmy”. Growing up in her family, she was the oldest of four children, but of only two children that survived childhood. Max Noether, Emmys father, was considered a mathematician in his time. Along with her brother Fritz, who had pursued his career in mathematics. As a child Emmy spent the majority of her time studying languages at school, for the most part, French and English. Her mother had helped her with a variety of traditional skills in which consisted of cooking, cleaning, as well as playing the clavier. Thereafter, once she graduated from high school, she managed to pass a test that would soon allow her to teach French and English herself. By the age of 18, Emmy Noether finally decided to take courses in mathematics at the University of her birthplace, Erlangen. Coincidentally, her brother Fritz had been attending there as a student, along with her father, rightfully being a professor of mathematics. Bibliography Noether then decided to get certified to teach English and French in schools for girls in 1900, but she instead chose because she knew she enjoyed this subject which is mathematics. She went to study math at the university of…show more content…
Most of her time she would regularly studying abstract algebra, and focused her attention merely on the groups, fields and rings. Because of how unique she would look on topics, it enabled her to view relations that every other regular and traditional algebra professionals would not see. Throughout her lifetime she was able to publish 40 papers. As she had became a teacher, she had also found time to inspire her students so that soon they would be making their several of their own contributions pertaining to the field in
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