Emnt Clinic Reflection

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On November 8, 2016, I was in the ENT clinic and Henedia, the nurse’s coordinator, advised me to give out certificates of gratitude to the patients in the waiting room. As I was giving them out a patient stopped me mid sentence, she told me how she was dissatisfied with the level of care she was being provided in this clinic. She was telling me about the situation she was in and how the hospital did not help her in anyway and that they were rude to her when she had called the ENT clinic to make an appointment. As she was telling me all of this I was prevented to give out the rest of the certificates of gratitude to the other patients. I wondered how her telling me this can change the patient quality of care given to her and I was thinking of…show more content…
I am with a program named Bottomline that is another support system that guides me through my college applications. My counselor, Sara Mouktar, invited me to go and help them set up and greet the guests. The problem was that I was supposed to be there at five and it took about 20 minutes to get there by train. This was a problem because my scheduled time was at 12 to 5 pm. I was thinking of either calling out from volunteering for that day or telling Bottomline that I cannot make it. However, I needed the hours at the hospital and I they needed my help while at Bottomline they were short at hand and they needed students to talk about their experience with the program. I decided to email Tais 2 days before asking if it was fine if I can leave the hospital half an hour earlier because I had another appointment soon after. She did not respond to me and I was getting worried because if it was not fine then I will need to notify Bottomline that I will be there later than they wanted. The day before I went to visit Tais at the hospital and she told me that it was fine. As long as I understand that I will not qualify for a lunch break. I understood and when the day came everything went
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