Emory Health Care System Essay

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Explain the quality related issues and problems Emory sought to address through CPOE
Computerized provider order entry (CPOE) systems were designed eliminates the need for handwritten paper orders and achieves real time decision support... CPOE systems in Emory health system changed the ordering system by shifting the whole responsibility to the physician. Quality related issues that Emory addressed through CPOE were:
Reducing medical errors
The majority of medical mistakes happen at Emory health care when the physician orders services for the patient either by writing them and the unit clerk transmits the order to legacy system. Physicians using a paper often did not have legible handwriting, and orders often are not able to be read …show more content…

CPOE cuts down the medication error associated with sound alike drugs especially when they are written by physician with cursive handwriting also medical error associated with ordering wrong medication The benefits of these computerized order-entry systems range from very legible orders, completeness of orders, to alerts of possible contraindications based on patient information like allergy apply logic-based rules to patient information to prevent medication errors and adverse drug events
Standardization of care
Cpoe provides physician with order set for a particular diagnosis or a therapy helping physicians to practice recognized best practices standardization of care reduces the complexity of practicing medicine and reduces potential errors.
Improved efficiency of care delivery.
Cope helped move the information moved instantly across the organization reducing the time for delivering care it processed efficiency and also saved cost and improved quality of care the physicians were able to place orders from their office and the care was rendered to the patients at the …show more content…

Physician did not know how to navigate and use the system
Cultural issues:
The culture of Emory was not ready to accept cope into its culture Emory health care system needed to be reshaped to properly support the new processes introduced
Leadership issues
Structures, reward systems, appraisal measurements and roles need redefinition there were issues with leadership and governance at Emory there were no clear steering from the leaders about the implementation of Cpoe there was less focus on the staff at Emory the leaders did not concentrate on the staff satisfaction about the implementation of cope
Change in management issues
The culture at Emory had a good relationship among the physician and mulitiprofessional team but cope implementation changed the relationship including understanding the roles of each staff and the administration did not look into the major cultural change that happened at Emory
Incentives and rewards

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