Emotion In The Iliad

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"Mind Over Heart" An action can either be made by reason or be influenced by emotion. The same thing can be said about solving conflicts, we either choose the reasonable path or allow the pressure of the problem to consume us, deterring us from the coherent path. People are often dubbed as rational beings, yet there are times we forget the gift of reason and act solely upon how we feel, overall making us unreasonable beings. The three narratives we have encountered are dissimilar in terms of solving conflicts because one uses reason as a guide on how to face the problem, while the other allows his emotions to blind him from what is right. Agamemnon is one of the key characters of Book One of Iliad, as a matter of fact, you can even say he was the one who made the whole story go round. Some may say he is a person of bad character, but we have to admit he was able to solve some of the conflicts presented in the plot. In the lines, "So harsh he was, the old man feared and obeyed him, in silence trailing away" (Book 1, 39-40), it was presented that Agamemnon was able to solve the problem of the Priest trespassing his lands by aggressively telling him to leave, through the means of threatening and scaring the poor old man. Driven by his anger, Agamemnon did not think twice and allowed his emotions to take over, even with the warnings of his army, presented through the line, "Behave well to the priest. And take the ransom!" (Book 1, 28), but this is not the only time the Chief
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