Emotional Analysis Of Michelle Obama's Speech By Donald Trump

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Michelle Obama gave a speech regarding the allegations made against Donald Trump and his treatment toward women. She was speaking for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire when she gave an emotionally overflowing speech to a crowd of Clinton supporters, who were mainly women. While she charms the crowd on an emotional level, Michelle Obama makes a connection to the hearts and minds of her listeners in order to demonstrate the connection between the women and herself. Her speech was highly admired as a result of her use of pathos, diction, and the way she made everyone feel easily relatable to her. Michelle Obama does not fail to jump right into the hot topic that she wants to discuss, Donald Trump’s scandal. She starts off by talking about some of her duties as “The First Lady”, and mentions the duty she had a few days prior when she was working with young women who were having to fight for equal rights for their education, as well as their freedom in its entirety. Michelle described the positive feelings she got from visiting with these young ladies, which left her happy audience to quickly have a change in attitude when she described the hurtful and hateful words about women from Trump during the campaign. Due to her quick switch from the high hopes of fighting for women’s equality to Trump’s words, this showed her audience that women’s rights will not progress with such a man in power. As she describes Trump’s words as “bragging about sexual assault”, she does not fail to
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