Emotional Assessment Personality Analysis

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The Emotional Assessment Personality Test reviewed and scored my personality in six different areas. There were about one hundred questions, and I was to rate how each question related to myself. After completion of the Emotional Assessment Test my top rated personality trait is Conscientiousness (Condon, n.d.). Though this was my highest scoring trait, I only ranked about the seventieth percentile. This indicates that I am somewhat conscientious. I typically set and am deliberate about goals, but I can also live in the moment (Condon, n.d.). My next two rated traits were very close in scoring. Integrity and Emotional Stability both scored in the mid-fiftieth percentile. Integrity, scoring at the fifty-seventh percentile indicated that…show more content…
There have been situations and circumstances in my past that began molding me into a person I knew I did not want to become. I am very deliberate in setting goals, whether those goals are tasks needing to complete at work or even the cleaning out of closets at home. I need the idea of the organizational setting goals brings. I can fortunately be flexible also and be able to adjust as the situation needs. I believe having integrity and being emotionally stable are two of the most important personality traits. These traits help me daily in my work life and in my home life. It is important to stay calm in the frustrating situation so you are able to think clearly in finding a resolution. As the assessment showed I only ranked between the fiftieth and seventieth percentile in all three of these traits. This shows me I have made great progress, but there is still room for improvement. Having the evidence this assessment gives me in shows my efforts are helping change me, it also gives me encouragement to keep working hard in these areas to become the best version of myself in my work and home…show more content…
First with a strength-based organization, there are assessments and observations that help find strengths. This will allow the managers to get to know their staff better, also allowing the staff member to feel as though what makes them unique is important (Samuels & Hoxsey, 2010). The staff members are also going to get to know the strengths of the manager. This allows the staff members to better understand how and why the manager makes decisions and comes up with ideas like they do. Another benefit of a strength-based organization is it allows each staff member to be placed in the right part of the team (Samuels & Hoxsey, 2010). We all have different strengths, finding the best place where we can exercise those strengths will not only increase productivity for the company, but also allow the staff member to feel as though what they are doing and contributing is important and
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