Emotion In Children

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Emotions are dominating our daily lives. We choices are based on when we are happy, A, sad, sad or frustrated. We choose the activities and go there based on emotions that they cause.

How exactly emotion?
"An emotion is a complex psychological state that involves three distinct components: a subjective experience, a physiological response, and a behavioral or expressive response." (Hockenbury & Hockenbury, 2007)
Besides agreeing exactly what emotions are, researchers have also tried to identify and classify the different types of emotions. 1972 the psychologist Paul Eckman suggested that there are six emotions base are universal in all human cultures: fear, disgust, anger, surprise, happiness and grief. 1999 he rose this list
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The first feeling that in infants are detected can understand, joy, anger, sadness and fear. Later, the children begin to a sense of self-respect, more complex emotions like shyness, surprise, joy, embarrassment, shame, debt, pride, develop and empathy. Pupils and students are still learning, emotions in order to understand why they occur and how to deal with them properly to identify. Children develop, things that their emotional reactions to change, to cause, such as the strategies that you use to manage. The emotions of small children are mainly consist of behaviors and physical reactions (e.g. Heart Beat, butterflies in the stomach). As they grow, children develop the ability to recognize emotions. Your feelings are also increasingly influences by their way of thinking. You will be more aware of your own feelings and be in a better position to other people to see. It is an emotional reaction to a 10-Year-Old probably much more complex than that of a three-year-olds. Emotion experience consists of several…show more content…
heart rate, respiration, hormone levels) feelings, the children learn to recognize and thoughts and judgments related to appoint with sentiments of action signals (e.g. a desire to approach this fight or flight) Many things affect the possibilities, the children of feelings, both through his words and behavior to express. These influences are: values and convictions as appropriate and inappropriate, if express feelings, the children learn parents, carers and school staff as well as emotional needs of the child are usually met temperament the child emotional behavior which the children learn by observation or experience the extent, the families and children under different types of stress theories of emotion different theories about how and why people feel emotions. It is theories of evolution, the James long Theory, Theory of Cannon bard, Schechter and singer theory of two factors and cognitive assessment.
The JAMES-Lang’s theory
In the 1880s, two theorists, psychologist William James and Carl lenge, physiologist, independently proposed an idea that challenged commonsense beliefs about emotion. This idea that came when the James Lange-theory known is that people experience emotions because they the physiologically responses to external
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