Emotional Enigma In Danny Saunders's The Chosen

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Danny Saunders presents an emotional enigma. On a surface level, his attributes appear clear, but as one examines deeper, his emotions take on a blurry existence. Reuven especially never seems to discern what Danny is feeling and why. This makes it an extraordinarily difficult task to assess the basic mold of Danny’s personality. When distilling him down, it is near impossible to go any deeper than the obvious points. Danny Saunders possesses a brilliant mind, and often feels passionately about his beliefs, but he is constantly searching for the solution to the pain in his life and the lives of others. The Chosen makes it quite clear that Danny has a brilliant mind. So brilliant, in fact that Reuven’s father calls him “a phenomenon.” “Once in a generation is a mind born like that.” (110) Danny’s photographic memory and instant recall allow him to have a…show more content…
Clearly, Danny is hurt by this silence and searches for a reason for the silence. Also, he wants to renounce his spot it his family’s Rabbinical dynasty, and is thus highly concerned in his brother’s shaky health. When these subjects are brought up, the book takes on a tone of either depression or panic. Danny appears as though he is searching inside himself for answers concerning his father’s silence and his brother’s sickness. When asked how he took the silence the book notes: “He didn’t say anything. But his face tightened” In conclusion, most people define Danny Saunders, like many prodigies, in connection with his mind. However, under that intellectual exterior, his emotions are the driving force behind his brain. As happens often, even his friend, Reuven, does not see the emotions behind his mind. Finally, the silence of his father has given him pain, but by experiencing pain he can have compassion for others in pain. He is constantly looking for the solution to pain, but that unfortunately must wait until after
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