Essay On The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian

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Essay Skeleton
Opening( Introduce topic of the essay) GENERAL INFORMATION :
Junior’s struggle for identity is persistent, and in a way to cope, he starts acting differently around his different friends. At Reardan, his new school, he starts to ignore his Native American background, and in hopes of fitting in, completely changes who he is. Back at the rez, Junior was weak and poor. At Reardan, he hides the truth, instead making himself look strong, brave and wealthy.
Introductory statement to title and author - relating to general information:
As shown in the title, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Junior is split in his identity. Afraid to show who he is because of negative stereotypes on both sides, Junior
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However, he learns to embrace who he is and overcome the stereotypes his culture laid out for him. He breaks the mold and works hard to achieve his dreams, demonstrating one does not have to be white to become successful.
Rephrase your topic sentences(Discuss the implications of your argument. Why should your stance be accepted as part of the conversation about your topic?)
Junior starts to feel obligated to act like his white classmates, in an effort to become a better person than his parents ended up to be. Afraid to lose hope, he starts believing in order to achieve his dreams, he will have to act white. He starts believing only then will he get out of this ‘curse’ that seems to follow Native Americans. A repetitive outcome that Native Americans seem to always end up in.
Reword general info
Final thoughts on your topic that leaves a lasting impression/Connection to our society
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