Emotional Intelligence Self Analysis

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) contains the capability to shift out accurate thinking about emotion and the ability to use emotions and expressive information to develop thought. After taking the stress self-assessment, I scored a sixty-seven and the individual that took the assessment scored a seventy-three, We both have an average EQ yet so our competencies ranked at different levels. Our assessment also indicated that we already practice some of the EQ behaviors (Assessing Your Emotional Intelligence, n.d.). Although emotional intelligence fluctuates on how we reflect on intelligence skills and that emotional intelligence is a learned not acquired. This knowledge can be acquired at any moment in the life cycle. It is important to remember that…show more content…
After discussing, the results of the stress assessment with the individual, we realized that when it comes to self-awareness we are close to the same given that we are aware of strengths and weakness and with added support, we could help each other. Being “in check” with our emotions is incredibly important when entering a self-awareness situation. Often I would let my emotions get the best of me and in sense rule over what we say and do. Behavior often relates to low emotional intelligence or from being unaware of one’s emotional state. Not being able to regulate a low emotional intelligence or regulate emotions has been known as reasons why adolescents as well as adults for reckless and endangering behaviors. This is one of the largest consequences of not knowing (Salcedo, 2013). For this reason, while being around friends and especially the staff, I try as much to be in touch with my emotion to create the normal work environment. Every day I adjust my emotional state to the demand of the work environment with a reaction that is suitable motivation and thought to be normal (Characteristics of an Emotionally Healthy Person, 2002). As I, motivator for others I fall short of self-motivated myself to go for things that I want such as goals this is where I fairly well on the stress assessment. Thus, having low emotional intelligence in this category…show more content…
In order to always, change behavior in ways that stand up under pressure you need to “check in” on how to overcome stress in the moment and in relationships in order to remain emotional aware. With both my friend and myself mastering the social and empathy competencies I found that the assessment for one of us to be precise. In spite of us, both founding common ground to build and have close relationships with different cultures, socially we both agree that she finds it somewhat difficult to handle most social situations (Assessing Your Emotional Intelligence, n.d.). When keeping our emotional state in check we need to make sure that we have the characteristics of an emotionally healthy person. Some of those include being at peace with our self and able to have a workable and functional relationship (Characteristics of an Emotionally Healthy Person, 2002). By listening to family and peers, before we speak we keep our emotions in under control by observing to ensure it will not be hostile to the individual during a
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