Emotional Intelligence Definition

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Emotional Intelligence
Definition of Emotional Intelligence
There are many different definition of emotional intelligence described by the experts. According to Salovey & Mayer (1990), emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, understand, manage, and monitor one’s own and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between different emotions and to use this information to guide one’s own thinking and behavior. Furthermore, Goleman (1998) described emotional intelligence as managing feelings to express them appropriately and effectively, so as enabling people to work smoothly to achieve a common goal. Another definition of emotional intelligence is the ability to control and evaluate emotions. To put it simply, emotional intelligence is
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Self-awareness can be described as understanding what you are feeling and why you are feeling that way, as well as understanding what other people are feeling and why they are feeling that way (Hughes and Terrell, 2012). By understanding these two information, awareness and empathy, we can respond, behave, and communicate in any different situation. In other words, this skill is the most critical component that can influence our actions and others as well.
Self-awareness as the foundation of emotional intelligence enables people to monitor and observe themselves. This is the most important skill of emotional intelligence as stated by Weisinger (1998) “emotional intelligence can only begin when affective information enters the perceptual system”. It is something that guides people’s actions from situation to situation to make a better result. For example, a group of students is having a presentation. They aim for High-Distinction in this subject. The group leader divided the task for each member to present. One of the members did not make a good point in his slides although he has worked hard for it. Knowing that his point will not make the group get full marks and they only have one hour before the presentation, instead of angry with him the leader manage to improve his slides together with the group in time. From this example, it can be said that the leader has a high self-awareness as he knows that his anger
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Appraisal and expression of emotion is similar and yet different with self-awareness. Self-awareness is about how aware or sensitive is someone to his or her feelings and emotions, the appraisal and expression of emotion is about how to communicate those feelings and emotions to others as well as to perceive what emotions that are expressed by others. The skill to express or appraise and perceive the emotions and then appropriately respond to it is included as emotional intelligence because the emotional information is being process to express and appraise it (Salovey and Mayer, 1990).
Second branch of Salovey and Mayer model is regulation of emotion. It is about how people regulate emotion consciously or unconsciously or in other words the ability to control emotion or mood. Generally, the regulation process of emotion is occurred automatically, for instance someone may feel sad when something bad happens. For more information, emotion, specifically mood, can affect the surrounding areas. For example, if someone looks happy, the people around him are likely to be happy as
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